Case Studies

Double the Chanel love

As the saying goes, if the bag fits, buy it in every colour. Right? These Chanel mini bags are the perfect compliment to any outfit but of course, with daily wear comes natural wear and tear so both came into our atelier in need of a revival.

Repairing Dog Chewed Gucci

They call it puppy love, but not so much when they chew your new Gucci loafers. Luckily, our shoe expert new exactly how to repair them which involved cutting away the old, damaged leather and replacing it with a fresh piece.

Resurrecting A McQueen Nude Leather Strap Heel

With slanted seams, heavy scuffing and a drooping Mary Jane strap, our shoe expert worked some restoration magic on these beloved Mcqueen heels to transform them.

Before restoration

The Restory x McQueen Vault

We delved into a special archive of McQueen pieces courtesy of John Matheson, the man behind McQueen_Vault and had to pleasure of working some restoration magic on a couple of items that needed a little TLC. First up, see how the team restored the unique stitching on the soles of these knitted thigh high wonders.

The classic Chanel flap bag with a twist

See how the atelier team transform this classic Chanel lambskin bag into a cross body bag. A minor change that makes a big difference, ensuring the client can make the most of of their accessories!

Techniques For Pony Skin Hair Loss

Follow the process of these much loved Ferragamo pony skin pumps. Our atelier have created unique techniques to replicate the leopard print pattern as well as the pony skin. This case study shows the innovation we provide to ensure you can restore your favourite items and fall in love with them all over again.

Recreating a Chloé Marcie Tassel

In this case study our team needed to build and create a missing piece for the Chloé bag. One of the original tassels had been lost, so our team used the existing tassel to create a replica for the client to restore it back to its original design.

Reviving a Jaeger Doctor’s Bag

See in our latest case study how the atelier team transform this tired, dull looking Doctor’s bag and give it a new lease of life using a variety of techniques to restore the colour, the exposed piping and a small hole that started to form.

Putting the sparkle back into Louboutin

Read all about how we restored a pair of sparkly ‘Follie’ Louboutin heels that were unwearable when they entered the atelier. Our talented artisans created a new combination of glitters to recreate the leather for the heels, replaced the heel tips and replace some missing crystals.

An atelier classic: Waterstaining Tod’s loafers

See how our atelier team undergo a typical technique to revive a wardrobe classic; a pair of Tod’s loafers. The colour is hand mixed in our atelier to ensure the perfect colour match and applied with a sponge to ensure it is done evenly and sent back to the client almost as good as new.

Gucci: Repairing the Damage from the Disco

The ever popular Gucci Soho Disco bag is seen frequently in our atelier; A testament to how well loved and used it is. See how our artisan revived this zingy red crossbody bag by using fillers to conceal piping, re-edging and doing a light colour touch up.

Restoring a Rockstud Reversible Valentino

Having been used daily, it was inevitable this Valentino Rockstud reversible bag would need some TLC at some point in it’s life. Upon a physical assessment of the bag in our atelier, it was certain the bag needed a number of services for it to be in perfect working order again and we could expand its life.

Ballet shoe repair

Extending the Life of Chanel Ballerinas

Chanel ballet shoes are a regular in our atelier. We carefully clean, fill and paint the shoes to have them looking on pointe again. Learn more about the process of repairing these classic nude Chanel ballerinas.

Embellishing the elbows on a Chloé blazer

A Chloé blazer arrived with ripped elbows that wouldn’t be able to be fixed conventionally due to the placement of the tears. Our expert atelier team came up with a solution to make the repair a unique feature of the blazer.

Watch Strap Transformation

These white leather watch straps were in need of some TLC, and with the client hoping for a change in colour our expert atelier team created some colour swatches for the client to choose from. The end result saw the watch straps in a vibrant cherry red with a new lease of life.

Reviving the vibrancy of a Tyler Ellis bag

Learn how our atelier team expertly restored the vibrancy of this Tyler Ellis bag back to its original condition after an unfortunate incident with a puppy.

Reviving a Chanel denim and wicker basket

Learn how the team revived the denim on this beautiful Chanel wicker basket bag with a light touch up. Wicker is the material of the season, made iconic by the one and only Jane Birken, so our artisans loved getting their hands on the piece to restore and revive.

White Sandal Season

See how the team restored these sandals of the moment by using synthetic fillers to smooth out the scuffs and colour restoration to revive the colour and bring them back to life, just in time to show them off for the Summer.

Reviving a much-loved Bottletop Backpack

See how the team restored this Bottletop backpack for the team at Eco-Age, the agency focused on sustainability founded by Livia Firth. With their 30 wears campaign they encourage you to repair items rather than replace, so we wanted to show you the process of how we extended the life of this bag so it could be loved for longer.

Lengthening a Louis Vuitton strap

See how the team made subtle changes to this Louis Vuitton ‘Twice’ bag by lengthening the strap and switching the buckle to the opposite side, for the comfort of the client.