Case Studies

Moth Hole Repair

From scarves to sweaters and dresses to coats, we turn to woollens to keep us warm as the seasons get cold. However, tears, pulls or moth holes can deem your favourite knits unwearable. Learn how our visible mending technique brings your clothes back to life.

shoe repair

Damaged Dancing Shoes

When you find a pair of shoes that are perfect for every occasion, giving them up is never an option. Livia Firth’s silver Roger Vivier sandals accompanied her on her most special occasions. Learn how our artisans brought them back to life.

Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermès Birkin Restoration

A handbag as iconic and symbolic as the Birkin will no doubt see a lot of love and wear through its life. See how the team extended the life of this zesty orange Birkin by creating leather reinforcements to strengthen the front and back panels and a colour revival.

Restructuring A Sombrero Bag

With time and wear, leather naturally softens and begins to lose original rigidity. Restructuring your bag brings back its original shape.

The Evolution of Chanel

The joy of luxury is the value it holds to you. We worked with the owner of an heirloom Chanel to renew the bag while keeping the original charm.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Repair: From Worn to Wonderful

When you love an item, it deserves to be worn – we’re here to help when it starts to look a bit too worn. Learn more about Chanel bag repair.

Restoring A Dior Flower Meadow

This limited edition Lady Dior bag had lost some beads and sequins over time. Learn how our atelier restored this beautiful beaded flower meadow.

The Matelassé Way

Give Miu Miu’s iconic designs the love they deserve. Improve the longevity of your bag with colour and leather restoration.

The Technicolour Dream Chanel

Leila Van Kash’s Chanel bag was faded and patchy. She brought it to The Restory for a reimagine in the form of a technicolour tie-dye transformation!

Using leather filler to fill the hole

Jimmy Choo Hole Restoration

Follow the repair process as our atelier restores a hole in a pair of Jimmy Choo snakeskin trainers.

Caring for Snakeskin Prada Handbag

Through wear and tear snakeskin scales often start to lift and dry out. Follow the process of cleaning and conditioning this Prada bag.

Restructuring Saffiano Prada Galleria

Follow the art of restoration as we show the process of restructuring this Prada Galleria Bag

Restoring A Pistachio Celine Trio

Follow the art of restoration as we show the process of reviving this pistachio Celine Trio.

Reviving a Louis Vuitton Noé Bucket Bag

Learn about the history of the classic Louis Vuitton Noé bucket bag and see how the team were able to replace the base of this well loved item.

Colour Theory with Gianvito Rossi

Taking the risk to turn yellow shoes to blue, our dyeing experts tested the mix of base colour and dyes to ensure these Gianvito Rossi’s turned navy, not green.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

A large scratch needing a subtle repair that posed its challenges in our atelier but made all the difference to the client.

Manolo Toe Cover

With the tips of the toes torn and heavily worn, there had to be a way to rescue these Manolo’s. See how the team worked their magic to conceal the well-loved toes.

Manolo Magic

In our latest case study the team were confronted with a pair of yellow satin Manolo’s stained with mud. In this case, we were able to test the limits and see how light we could keep the colour ensuring the stains were concealed. The end result is a beautifully rich burgundy.

Sunshine in the form of a Celine Trio

A well loved item we often see in our atelier was in need of some TLC in the form of a colour restoration. See how our team hand mixed the perfect colour to revive this Celine Trio.

Loro Piana Restoration

These classic Loro Piana trainers came in with scuffs, scratches and some discolouration from general wear. As the damage wasn’t so severe, see how the team revived them with a colour restoration. These are a wardrobe essential that deserves to be looked after properly.