Caring for Snakeskin Prada Handbag

The secret to ensuring your favourite designer items stay your favourite for years to come is regular care and conditioning. While we love doing dramatic colour changes and glamorous re-glitterings, handing your shoes and handbags to the experts for consistent care and maintenance is the trick to make the most of your wardrobe. If you’re in need of some expert aftercare, simply book through our website and we’ll collect your items from your door, anywhere in the world.

Snakeskin Prada Handbag

The Assessment

This snakeskin Prada handbag came to us in good condition but needed cleaning and conditioning. Upon physical assessment, it became clear that some scales were lifting which made the bag look untidy, which would require a specialist ironing tool to flatten them. Due to it’s thin, flexible and delicate nature, snakeskin can be prone to drying and peeling so requires regular professional attention. To understand more about exotic skins, read our Ins & Outs Guide.

The Approach

The first step in this process was to use a dry brush to remove any loose dirt.

Cleaning snakeskin Prada handbag
Applying cleaning solution

After this, our artisans used a designated exotics cleaning solution on a soft cloth to gently clean the bag following the direction of the scales.

Once the bag was clean, we carefully ironed down the scales that were lifting. The artisan gently went over each affected scale individually, using a specialist ironing tool at a safe temperature.

Ironing scales
Using specialist ironing tool to flatten lifting scales

Finally, we conditioned the leather with a product suitable for exotics before a natural compound treatment was applied to add a shiny and polished finish.

The Results

After receiving our bespoke care treatments, the handbag was looking its best and ready to be enjoyed again.

With regular expert care, your exotics will always be on top form. If you’d like to learn more about other ways we can care for your exotics, read about the handle replacement on this black patent crocodile bag or the colour restoration on this python Tyler Ellis clutch. If you’d like expert care and need to repair your shoes and bags, Book A Collection today.

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