Browns – Services List

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Special cleaning 

We clean your bags’ interior and exterior using a range of methods for different situations. Whist we cannot guarantee that we can completely remove all stains, we pride ourselves on developing the most comprehensive range of solutions available.

– £95

Exotic Special Clean

We clean your bags’ interior and exterior using specialist techniques for exotic skins. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we can remove all stains, you can rest assured that your exotics are in the most capable hands.

– £125

Mould, Pest and Biological Fluid Removal

Sometimes the situation requires very specific techniques to salvage your item(s). Fortunately, we have the equipment, experience and procedures in place to apply to your shoes, bags and clothing. Please let us know details in advance as health and safety measures may be required.

– Starting at £140

Scuffing, Wear And Tear

Remake tabs or loops for handles or buckles

Little loops of leather and other material hold important components together such as straps, buckles or laces. When they break in an unrepairable way, we simply make you a new one. We will match everything as close as possible to the original, or sometimes we can even source the original material.

– Starting at £200


The often acrylic-based paint, but sometimes wax, painted along the edges of cut leather dries and cracks over time. We sand this down, hand mix a new colour and reapply the paint.

– Starting at £70

Remake tassels or zip puller

Whether lost or damaged, we will recreate and attach new tassels or zip pullers. We will match them as close to the original as possible, alternatively we can replace them with something new altogether.

– Starting at £80

Repair or source and replace hardware

Damage or discolouration, rivets or pins – our dedicated team can fix the original, source new pieces or liaise directly with the brands to solve hardware problems. There may be additional costs depending on the construction of the item and the hardware.

– Starting at £35

Leather Surface and Colour Restoration

From holes and scratches to colour fade and denim transfer, leather surface and colour restoration is our speciality. We take a less is more approach to avoid compromising the touch and feel of the leather. Not all colour restoration will need surface restoration, but all surface restoration will need colour.

– Starting at £140

Recover Piping

We conceal any piping that has become visible on your bag, while keeping the external shape, using hand-moulded surface and colour restoration techniques.

– Starting at £140

Remake top binding

The binding on a bag is the narrow strip of leather or fabric folded over an edge to provide a finished, decorative effect. When it tears or wears down, we can replace it in whole or in part with as close as possible a match to the original. Material sourcing may be charged separately.



When the stitching in linings, tabs, straps, gussets and zips breaks or comes loose, our team will not only measure and pin but choose an exact shade of thread to make sure it looks good as new.

– Starting at £80

Comfort, Protection And Longevity

Retube handles

A common issue with bigger leather bags is that the straps stretch beyond the length of the plastic tubing inside, the tubing breaks or both. We will unpick the stitches, fix the tubing and re-do the edge coat.

– Starting at £160

Strap shortening

We can alter straps to any length you desire. Please note that pricing can vary between strap types, attachment pieces, materials and colours.

– Starting at £160

Small zip replacement

We can replace small zippers for a wallet or for side pockets. We will source a closest possible match in size, colour, material and zip teeth. Additional sourcing costs may apply.

– Starting at £160

Remake handles and straps

We can remake any handle or straps in the closest possible match to the original style and colour. Additional sourcing costs may apply.

– Starting at £320

Reinforce structure or panels

Has your bag lost its shape? We open up your bag between the lining and the exterior to insert structured leather reinforcement that will give your bag back a restored shape.

– Starting at £320

Zip replacement

We can replace large zippers for handbags and holdalls. We will source a closest possible match in size, colour, material and zip teeth. Additional sourcing costs may apply.

– Starting at £320

Reimagine And Refashion

Change colour

We can recolour shoes or bags in any colour darker than the original. The darker the colour, the more consistent the result. Some limitations do apply and this service is not recommended for suede, nubuck or patent items.

– Starting at £280

Change lining

We can replace an entire lining for you and make it uniquely yours. Additional sourcing fees may apply.

– Starting at £320

Custom Refashioning

New straps? Initials? Accoutrement? Send us your ideas or ask our team to get creative with some design sketches and we will work with you to refashion your item.

– How long is a piece of string?