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5 Things We Wish You Would Stop Doing....

Emily John
5 Things

Listen we get it. Out the door at 7am, office politics, clients, the tube, your seven-year-old’s volcano project so cruelly dumped in your lap. Often it can feel like we’re just hanging on by our finger nails. So, while we don’t fault your quickie DIY fixes, we would like to make you aware of some of the more…counterproductive things we see you doing


Using Super Glue

So you are the glue holding your life together but what’s holding the sole of your shoe on when it gets caught on a wonky bit of broken pavement – cue red-faced anger emoji! But the truth is super-glue is somewhere between mind-bending to impossible to remove from leather and you’ll likely wind up doing more harm than good.


Baby wipes

There are at least 10 other pairs of shoes that work with this outfit but today you want the pair that took a beating on your last night out and have yet to receive due attention. A baby wipe seams an efficient instant turnaround but beware. Baby wipes often contain lanoline or other lotions and risk discolouring some materials particularly aniline or very “open” leathers. Try a damp cloth and or buy a specialist cleaner suited to the material and leave the lotion for your skin.


Drying With heat

The weather forecast said rain was not due until late evening ensuring my pink suede sliders could enjoy a full day buzzing around London and make it back safely to their box looking fresh. The rain was early and I was late. In a mild panic, you would think drying your drenched footwear or handbag close to a radiator would be another time-saving life hack.  But steer clear of concentrated heat sources which can cause the leather to shrink, misshape and or discolour. Instead place your items in a well-ventilated area and allow to air dry. You can even pop some kitchen roll or socks inside to help absorb moisture and retain shape. Time is key here so wait patiently.


Wearing Your Heel Tips Down

How much did those Balenciaga Bistrot pumps cost? And we told ourselves it was okay because calculate the cost per wear divided by them being a totally transcending style and it suddenly seemed a long way off a 5 star luxury break! But squeeze a wear too many and you may be looking at a lost cause, never to feature your runway again! We are talking about heel tips. Our sky-scrappers only withstand our walking weight because of a steel metal rod inside the heel. When the rubber wears down and the pin hits the floor, you risk crushing the pin down or worse, breaking the internal rod which can be impossible to get out and therefore impossible to reheel at all. You may also break the whole heel stem. To replace heel tips is quick and cheap and required often. Factor this into your cost benefit analysis early.


Sharpies and other colour fixes

Sure, you’ve got creative flair; your child-hood colouring book could well contend with a Picasso. What harm could a delicate touch up on the corner of a Celine Trio with no less than a close colour matching marker pen do? This could be considered a minor scoldable offense but it will seek revenge. In true daylight, you will see a nasty metallic spot which will look worse than what you were trying to cover. Some leathers and inks react in unpredictable ways which can darken or distort the colour of the leather. And perhaps even worse, when caught out in wet weather the ink can run or transfer onto another clothing! A little water on suede or leather conditioner on smooth leathers will bring some richness back into the hyde and tide you over until you can have a professional colour restoration done. Colours hand-mixed in daylight and some patient artisan hands and you won’t be able to spot the difference… presto!