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Frieze Focus with Kaleidoscope

Emily John

With Frieze week just around the corner we are gearing up for a luxury art attack. Frieze art fair, brings together over 160 of the world's leading galleries showing some of the most challenging and mind boggling art being made today. The price tags can often leave you scratching your head but that's where we can step in to help guide you on how to value an artwork.

Each year we advise clients on the best that Frieze has to offer, so here's a sneaky preview for The Restory on what's hot and what's not. This year's edition has a very strong focus on female artists with a section called "Sex Works” with a number of women who had been previously overlooked. I think it's really great that women whose work had been overshadowed are now being given a platform! One particular highlight will be a series of works by Marilyn Minter who explores society’s view of female beauty. Many of the paintings were too risqué to show when they were made in the 90s but they are being shown on full view for us this year!

One Half Man Ray, 1994 by Marilyn Minter

One Half Man Ray, 1994 by Marilyn Minter

One “trend” which we are seeing is artists looking to fuse art and zen, in creating experiences that make us feel calm and meditative. Jarvis Cocker and Steven Mackey will be installing a - wait for it - immersive mind-altering dancefloor meditation at 180 The Strand. It will try to access the state of mind that we associate with deep meditation using only the tools we find in a disco…..something I imagine not many of us have intentionally tried before. We would very much like to journey into sound, rhythm and light whilst tapping our toes!

Frieze usually means multiple dollar signs, however it is also possible to buy affordable works by younger artists and galleries. There is a super section called “Focus” which champions younger spaces allowing them to be at Frieze at discounted rates. Patricia Treib is one artist who we are particularly excited about; she shows with Kate MacGarry and creates beautiful oil paintings on paper that focuses on the space between form with playful bold colours.

Blue Proximity Variation by Patricia Treib

Blue Proximity Variation by Patricia Treib

We will be at the fair all week helping advise people on who to look at and what to be buying. If you would like any help then please get in touch with us at:

Instagram: alexlouisedonaldson