Love your wardrobe on Black Friday

This weekend more than ever, we are focusing on embracing the shoes, bags and clothes that you already own. Thoughtful purchasing, prioritising quality and taking good care of your wardrobe is the secret to getting the most out of it. This Black Friday, we are gathering our expert’s top tips on how to look after your favourite items.

black friday - wardrobe care guide

1. Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the most essential practice when it comes to maintaining your wardrobe. Be quick to target and spot clean stains before they absorb further into the material.

2. Stuffing bags

A collapsed structure is one of the first indicators of a tired bag. Stuff bags with clean dust bags, towels or cushions to maintain their shape and extend their longevity.

3. Folding

Hanging knitted jumpers and cardigans will distort their shoulders. They should be neatly folded or rolled to preserve shape and freshness.

4. Brushing suede

Suede is a beautiful material and, when well looked after, can last a lifetime. Brush suede with a soft toothbrush to remove dried mud, revive water marks and refresh the texture.

5. Steaming clothes

Excessively washing clothes can drastically reduce their lifespan. Instead, steam clothes between washes to revive and refresh them.

6. Storing

Clothes, bags and shoes should be stored in a dust-free environment away from sunlight, moisture and heat sources. Where possible, keep shoes and bags in their original boxes or dust bags.

7. Avoiding moths

Moths can wreak havoc on wools, silks and cottons. Keep natural moth deterrents, like lavender and cedarwood oils, in your wardrobe to prevent the issue from occuring.

8. Shoe trees

Use shoe trees to preserve the shape of shoes and boots. This ensures they don’t get squashed at the bottom of your wardrobe.

9. Controlling odour

For ultimate freshness, keep dry tea bags in shoes and trainers to eliminate any lingering odours when storing them away.

10. Leaving it to the experts

No matter how much care you take of your items, scuffs, rips, spills and tears still happen. In these instances, our specialist atelier and evolved techniques are on hand to revive, repair and restore your wardrobe.

From wear and tear to size adjustments, we make sure you get the most out of your wardrobe. Get a preliminary quote or book a collection to fall in love with your favourites all over again.

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