What is The Restory and how does it work?

What is The Restory?

Leading aftercare company The Restory offers a cleaning, repair, alteration and restoration service for your your clothes, shoes and handbags.

How does the service work?
  1. Book a collection through the online booking form on our website or drop your items in our Dublin store. You’ll be asked about the items you’re sending and to specify any particular services you require. If you’re unsure, The Restory’s team will suggest what services they think are needed. 
  2. Once items are received in The Restory’s atelier, you’ll receive a quote via email. You can review, edit and confirm all proposed services for each item. When the quote is approved, the work will begin.
  3. Upon completion of your restoration, The Restory will return your items, beautifully packaged, at a time and to a place convenient for you.

Why can’t you provide final cost estimates from photos?

Every item is unique in its material, pattern of wear and tear, condition and construction. We’ve learned that no matter how many photos we receive, something will surprise us, so we must assess the items physically before we can provide you with a final cost estimate.

How long will it take for my item to be worked on?

The length of time depends on the work required. As a guide, cleaning and standard repairs typically take 5 – 15 business days, while bespoke services such as stitching, colour and leather restoration typically take longer. You will be given an estimated turnaround time when you receive your quote so that you are aware of the expected timelines before approving the work.

How long will it take to receive my quote?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 24 hours of your item(s) arriving at The Restory’s atelier. Once your item(s) have been assessed, you will then receive a comprehensive quote detailing any services you specifically requested, as well as any other recommended services for your item(s), once your item has been assessed at the atelier. This quote will be emailed to you, so please check your junk email and contact service@the-restory.com if you have not received your quote within 72 business hours of receiving confirmation that your item has arrived. Please note your quote is only valid for 10 working days.

Can I decline all services quoted in my order?

There is no obligation to go ahead with any service — you can choose to decline them all and have your item(s) returned to you. If you do, there is no additional charge for this return; it is covered by the collection fee you’ll already have paid (see ‘collection and shipping’ for further information).

What if I want to cancel my booking? 

You can cancel their booking online through your confirmation email, but please note this needs to be done 72 hours before the collection for a refund of the booking fee.

Can you restore patent?

Yes, although certain limitations may apply. We will let you know if these apply to your item(s).

Can you restore suede?

Yes, although certain limitations may apply. We will let you know if these apply to your item(s).

Do you authenticate handbags?

No, unfortunately that is not a service we currently offer.

What is reimagining, and how does it work?

If you feel your item wasn’t quite right to begin with or you’d like to refresh an old favourite — whether through a new colour, painted details, bespoke initialling, a new strap or a complete redesign — we are on hand to help. We source the materials and provide drawings, inspiration and advice to make your idea a reality.

Collection and Shipping

Do I pay for collection and return?

Yes — at the point at which you book your collection, you will be asked to pay a fee to cover the shipping of your item to the atelier and back. No additional return fees will be charged on top of this, even if you decide not to proceed with any of the services.

How do I prepare my item(s) for collection?

To ensure your item(s) get to the atelier safely, please:

  • Ensure any bags you send are empty.
  • Line a sturdy box with bubble wrap and ensure that light-colored items (especially if they’re patent or suede) aren’t touching anything of a darker color.
  • Label the bag you put your items in with your contact details. You can also drop a business card or note into the bag if it’s easier.
  • Securely seal the package.
  • Please ensure your DHL label has been clearly and securely attached per the instructions emailed to you.

Where am I sending my items to?

Your items will be sent to The Restory’s atelier in London, England for them to be assessed. This is also where any services that you decide to proceed with will be completed.

Costs and Payment

How much will it cost?

All standard pricing and guide prices are detailed on our Services page.

For non-standard, specialty services — including but not limited to colour and leather restorations, alterations, refashioning, dyeing or sourcing non-standard hardware — we charge an hourly rate. Most shoe restorations average out to just under €300 and most handbag restorations average €350. Please note that these are averages and are meant to provide guidance.

Once your items reach the atelier, they are physically assessed and a proposed approach, list of services and a quote for each service will be provided by email. Here you can query, accept or decline your quote. You are able to accept or decline at a service level (i.e. you can choose to proceed with some recommended services but not others).

When do I pay?

To prepare a proper quotation on the required services, we need you to send in your items for assessment.

We’ll ask you to pay the collection and return fee upfront. After we have assessed your item(s) we will then provide you with a comprehensive quote where you can edit, remove or decline the services that have been recommended. Once you’ve approved the services you would like to proceed with, we will require you to pay the full cost of these upfront before work can commence.

Guarantees, Insurance and Complaints

Do you guarantee your work and will it affect any brand warranties?

Officially, we guarantee our work for three months, but we judge each case on its merits. This may seem like a small window, but we have no way of knowing what your item comes in contact with or how it’s used once it leaves our care and that may impact the work we’ve done.

Please note that our services may affect the brand’s warranty on your item.

What if you damage my items?

The Restory is in the business of doing the ‘risky’ services most repairers, restorationists and makers won’t do. That said, we operate a zero-harm policy. If we feel there is a meaningful risk that we can’t control, we will explain this to you and obtain your permission. In the unlikely event that we do damage something, we are covered by insurance.

Please note that upon receipt, we will photograph each of your items. We will also make note of any existing damage and the general condition they arrive in and communicate this in your assessment. Please read this carefully and let us know if you are in disagreement as soon as possible. Please also read our terms and conditions.

What if my item gets lost with couriers?

All of your items are trackable and confirmed at each stage of their journey. However, if the worst were to happen, The Restory has appropriate goods in transit insurance in place.

What happens if I am unhappy with the services or work provided by The Restory?

The Restory provides a luxury service to restore your items. If you’re unsatisfied with the result, please contact service@the-restory.com so our customer service team can advise you accordingly. 


What safety measures do you have in place for Covid-19?

The Restory has put in place the following safety measures to protect you and our employees.

  • Courier providers are facilitating non-contact collections and returns
  • Item(s) received are quarantined for 48 hours ahead of their assessment
  • Item(s) returned are packaged and quarantined for 48 hours ahead of collection
  • Social distancing of 1 metre
  • Staggered breaks
  • Increased cleaning and hygiene throughout the atelier and office
  • PPE for staff, including masks and sanitizer

What does this mean for me when using your services?

We have put these procedures in place to protect our staff and clients the best way we can throughout this period. We will keep this page updated with our policies and procedures.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding that our services may take a little longer than usual to complete.

If you can’t find the answer to your question above, then please contact The Restory’s team at service@the-restory.com or call 020 8935 5333. Please note that our customer service lines are open 9am-6pm and queries will be answered in English.