About Us


The Restory is an on-demand service providing modern aftercare for luxury fashion. Starting with shoes, bags and leather goods we are dedicated to bringing the art of the craft and the convenience of technology right to your doorstep.

Our mission is to have you fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again.

We are investing in the next generation of artisans who proactively seek out ways to improve your experience with us by developing new techniques to meet your evolving needs and find solutions for those seemingly impossible problems.

We pride ourselves in valuing the process the items have been on from the materials to the workmanship and the design, encouraging our clients to take care of their items whether sending them in for cleaning, conditioning or re-heeling.



We strive to earn your trust. We know what these items mean to you and we will always
treat your your personal items with the greatest
respect and care. 


We aim to provide an intuitive service that
seamlessly fits with your busy lifestyle.


We are absolutely committed to finding a
solution that works for you regardless of
the challenge.


We seek to challenge, disrupt and innovate
our own craft in order to develop the most
advanced and innovative solutions for our


We are an integrated team of specialists brought together from all over the globe to ensure your items are in the most capable and passionate hands. 

We are also training the next generation of masters to ensure the best and brightest are retained and have room to grow and develop their careers. 

We work together across all aspects of our business to make sure that everyone understands and is committed to providing a great experience for our treasured clients.