Loro Piana Restoration

The Loro Piana family began trading wool in the early 1800s in Trivero, Northern Italy. They began by building a reputation of supplying premium wool and cashmere textures for the haute couture industry and by 1970 Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Pina brought the brand into the luxury goods world which they then developed Internationally. 

To this day, Loro Piana has set the benchmark for the finest yarns and fabrics. This is down to investing in raw materials and production and of course, technical innovation. Sustainability plays an important role in the Loro Piana house and the production of rare, exclusive fibres has lead to the implementation of conservation programs to safeguard animals.

Although perhaps mostly known for its luxurious cashmere, the house also specialises in crafting impeccable footwear from boots, loafers to trainers which we often see in our atelier.

These Loro Piana white leather trainers arrived with scuffs, scratches and dirt on the soles. First things first, they were physically assessed by our experts to determine what services they would need to revive them. This involves seeking out all the areas that are discoloured and affected by everyday life.

befor restoration
before restoration
sole damage

Every item is cleaned and prepped accordingly before restoration so the paint can perfectly adhere to the leather. Our artisans have developed a unique technique to restore scuffs and scratches which is applied to the areas in need. Then, the specific colour for the item is hand mixed to ensure the perfect colour match. Although white may seem like an easy colour to replicate, there are 1000s of different tones of white and we won’t stop until we have the perfect match. At this point, the finisher is also prepared and whether the item has a matte finish or a glossy finish we will match to the original.

The colour is then applied to the leather in light layers to conceal any marks and discolouration, we take a less is more approach so as not to affect the texture of the leather. The finisher is then applied. Once it’s been left to dry for some time, the shoes go through a quality control check to ensure everything is blended evenly and the repair is invisible. The last touch ups are done with the hardware being cleaned and laces back in. Then, the shoes are ready to be returned to their rightful owner to be loved all over again.

restored and revived
restored and revived

We are an on demand service and collect from anywhere in the world so don’t hesitate to get in touch and book in your collection today to get your favourites revived and restored.