Ethically crafted swimwear by COSSIE+CO

COSSIE+CO was founded in early 2018 and is a luxury women’s swimwear brand which ‘sees the beauty in simplicity’.

We spoke to co-founder Izzy on the challenges and the craft behind creating made to last, timeless swimwear whilst also maintaining social and ethical responsibility which is integral to the brand.

Made in London but loved all over the world. Don’t mind us, we’ll just be dreaming of floating down the French Riviera in one of these…

 The Chazzy in khaki The Chazzy in khaki

 The Ashley in dusty The Ashley in dusty

How did COSSIE+CO come to fruition?

Launching in early 2018, COSSIE+CO was born out of the love for a one-piece swimsuit. Nothing looks more chic than a perfectly cut one-piece, whatever the age. Our philosophy is ‘seeing the beauty in simplicity’ we don’t like to over complicate things and have focused purely on reinventing classic silhouettes made from beautiful materials, making all our styles timeless but keeping them fresh and modern.

How did you choose the perfect material for the cossies?

Quality is paramount at COSSIE+CO, therefore finding the perfect material was a timely but very much worthwhile process. Swim fabrics can be shiny and flat but we wanted texture to be synonymous with the brand, we found a material from Europe which is a beautiful structured honeycomb, it gives a super luxurious feel. All our COSSIE’s are lined with the same material inside and outside which gives an element of natural support vs other swimwear but also a richness to the swimsuit.

 The Christie in deep red The Christie in deep red

What’s the secret behind crafting swimwear that is practical, stylish and cut so beautifully?

Two things – keeping it simple and keeping the customer in mind. Our style is minimalist, we have stripped back the swimsuit to what it needs to be – a flattering cut in a beautiful material without the need for cut outs, added elements and over the top prints. We constantly keep the consumer in mind, always asking ourselves what she is looking for in a swimsuit. It is an ever-evolving process but we have a very clear vision.

Where are they made and why was this important to you?

COSSIE+CO is designed and manufactured in London. We really wanted to be a true British brand and keep our manufacturing in the UK to support our own manufacturing communities.

 The Poppy in black The Poppy in black

And how do you keep this aligned with your sustainable and ethical values?

There is currently a revolution in sustainable + ethical manufacturing and we feel that we are contributing to this in a positive way. Being made in London we are very much involved in the manufacturing process and therefore we are implementing as many sustainable processes as possible. We are also working on developing our own sustainable fabric, which really is becoming a non-negotiable. Although we feel as if all our processes are 100% ethical there is always more to do when it comes to sustainability. We continue to scrutinize all our processes and are committed to trying to be a fully sustainable brand in the future.

What’s a top tip to care for your cossie?

Our COSSIE care instructions are very simple:




We believe in choosing well + making it last.

What is a COSSIE+CO must have?

Our COSSIE must have is a wide brimmed hat, they really are the perfect pair!

 The Christie in mustard The Christie in mustard

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