Stepping towards a more sustainable future

It’s a new year and sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and this time it’s not just a fleeting January resolution. It’s the word on everyone’s lips and it’s going to stick.

We can’t help but reflect on last summer’s statistics Caroline Issa talks of in her feature in The Telegraph, where she states “Worldwide footwear consumption has doubled every 20 years, from 2.5 billion pairs per year in 1950 to more than 20 billion per year now, according to Loughborough University research, and less than five per cent of shoes produced each year are recycled.  It can take anything from 25 to 40 years for leather shoes to decompose, depending on the combination of materials used.” To us, that is unimaginable. Many of your beloved luxury items are timeless, and we are here to make sure they remain that way so we can be chic and sustainable at the same time as we veer away from living in a wasteful society.

Although documentaries such as ‘The True Cost’ and most recently ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ have provided a deeper context surrounding the complexities of sustainability within the fashion industry, there is more that can be done to be better and there are alternatives that we are determined to discover.

Mediums such as film, where you can physically see the damage the industry has caused clearly, not only to the environment but to workers alike. Looking back at the devastation caused at Rana Plaza in 2013, to name but one lasting example, has seemingly made a strong impact on the world.

People are starting to make more ethical choices such as buying from Rêve en Vert who sell an array of contemporary clothing all made from a place of consciousness. Don’t fret though, sustainability doesn’t just mean you have to minimalistic, but if you do decide to dive head first into a wardrobe cleanse à la Marie Kondo, consider donating to Smart Works, selling with Vestiaire Collective or repairing and restoring here at The Restory, means you won’t need to mindlessly throw garments away.  We’ll also be announcing our pop up at the Women For Women Car Boot Sale in May, so please do get in touch to arrange a collection if you have donations of shoes and bags.

Whilst sustainability is at the heart of The Restory, mixed of course with a hint of magic thanks to our in-house artisans, we’re taking small, yet determined, steps towards a more sustainable future on a much broader scale.

We are continuously coming up with new ways to develop our techniques and test products to ensure the experience we provide is more sustainable so we can uphold the values we believe in.

We’ll be doing so with the help of some of our favourite sustainably inclined companies who will be offering us advice along the way that we’ll be sharing with you.

Stay tuned for interviews, events and journal posts from those who already challenge the industry as we spotlight what they are doing to incorporate sustainability into their own businesses and advising us along the way. We’ll hear why brands are being transparent about their supply chain, what sustainability means to stylists, why you should switch to Tincture’s toxic free cleaning products and a whole lot more.

People often get the wrong impression about sustainability and we are here to help make that change and show that being eco friendly can still be luxury.  If you have some items that you’d like advice on for restoration just fill in our online form to request a preliminary quote.