A Timberland Special Clean

 Before Special Clean

Before Special Clean

It doesn’t matter if your pair of boots are the tough and keep your feet warm and dry, they can still build up dirt and mud. The traditional Timberland boots are incredibly reinforced, lined with insulation material and leather with a waterproof sole, silicon treated nubuck and sealed top. However when walking through snow, mud or grit it will show the signs. The Timberland brand began in 1973, its always had a focus on footwear for outdoor use, its huge popularity came from the fact that they were waterproof.


After coming back from a winter trip, our client brought these Timberland boots in for a special clean. There was a lot of mud dried up all around the boot and sole, plus sweat/salt marks.



We analysed the best approach for those specific boots, taking into consideration the leather durability, the sole material and the type of dirt, so we can use the ideal technique. As this leather is treated with silicon, most of the dirt was superficial, but some of it did get in a bit deeper.

 Cleaning Tools


We started by removing the dry mud with a dry cleaning method to eliminate all the excess dirt. The shoe laces are removed and cleaned separately, soaked and scrubbed depending on the material and damage, in some cases we may chose to replace these.

 Cleaning Method

Cleaning Method

Special Clean

Then we moved on to a semi wet method to remove the mud particles that had penetrated into the leather and also to remove the water marks from the nubuck.

This method massages and conditions the leather deeply, reviving the nap and the colour.

In order to get the best texture of the nap, we brush it softly while its still damp, so that the nap dries in the right position. 

After the clean, we apply a protective and waterproof spray to prevent deep damage in the next uses, and also put back the shoe laces

 After Special Clean

After Special Clean

Sometimes your items just need a special clean. Our team assess everything in house and will advise you on the services that your shoes, bags or leather goods many need. If you’d like to have a preliminary quote before sending them in, please feel free to follow this link to the form on website where you just fill in the description and attach pictures and a member of our team will come back to you. Alternatively drop off at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge or book a collection today for a special clean which takes 5-7 working days.