How LeSalon Is Changing The Beauty Industry

 Bookings made easy by LeSalon Bookings made easy by LeSalon

Summer is coming to an end, and as the winter months approach us, we can all agree that we deserve a little bit of pampering to help us get through the cold. If you don’t fancy braving the wind and rain during a walk to the salon, why not try LeSalon? A London based mobile beauty service that provides professional beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home, essentially bringing the salon to you. All you have to do is book your treatment via their website or app, and voila!

They are revolutionising the way the beauty world works, not to mention the support of freelance beauty therapists and empowering them to become their own boss, offering a freedom that a salon never could. The idea all started with Natasha, one of LeSalon’s co-founders. As a lawyer with many personal obligations, she found it increasingly difficult to find the time for some well deserved pampering. After trying out a number of freelance therapists she became aware of the difficulties that many therapists have to face. This inspired her to start a company that could guarantee on demand quality beauty services at a competitive price, all whilst giving beauty professionals the opportunity to work flexibly and be compensated fairly.

Natasha then met Jean-Michel, with a business background and a passion for start-ups and technology, saw the potential of a service like LeSalon. It was a given from the beginning to always ensure that their professionals would be the focus of the business. They have never wavered from this principle as LeSalon has grown into the company that it is today.

 LeSalon founders Natasha Pilbrow and Jean-Michel LeSalon founders Natasha Pilbrow and Jean-Michel

LeSalon offers a wide range of beauty treatments, from nails to waxing and lashes. They only employ the best of the best, meaning many of their therapists have worked in top salons around London and always make sure to deliver the best service possible. Partnering with a range of high end brands such as Nailberry- a vegan, cruelty free and chemical free nail polish that gives amazing results without damaging your nails.

LeSalon is all about caring for your nails’ natural health, which is why they have put together a list of top tips in order to keep your nails looking their best at all times, mani or no mani!

The most important thing when it comes to caring for your nails is to make sure that you are looking after them from the inside out. Make sure that you are getting plenty of vitamins, as these will help support your nail growth and prevent them from breaking. Vitamin C supplements are great for strengthening your nails, and iron is also great as it supports the production of keratin, which helps repair damage.

 LeSalon manicure LeSalon manicure

Your cuticles are the starting point for healthy nails, so it’s important not to cut them, despite what many people may say. Although it might be tempting to trim them when they get in the way, it can actually cause an infection. If you do find your cuticles getting in the way, soak your hands in a bowl of warm water for around ten minutes, then gently push the cuticles back using a soft cloth. Once this is done, it’s important to keep your cuticles hydrated. This can be done using household items such as olive oil or if not, you can buy other oils specially designed for cuticle health.

Although we love our manicures, it’s important to give your nails a break from time to time. They need air to breathe, so try giving them a few days in the week without any polish on, so you can go all out at the weekend without the guilt! When you do feel like giving yourself a mani, make sure you are using both a base and a top coat. A base coat is important as it creates a barrier, protecting the nail and preventing staining from the polish. A top coat is also important as it can help prevent nail polish from chipping, meaning you are less likely to start picking away at your polish- in turn picking away at your natural nail.

Moisturiser is key when it comes to having healthy nails, not to mention healthy skin in general, so always make sure to have a hand cream handy (see what we did there) and keep moisturising throughout the day. Cleaning products can make nails weak and thin, so make sure to wear gloves when coming into contact with them. If only we could just avoid cleaning all together, eh!

 LeSalon pedicure LeSalon pedicure

Nail care is in high demand, as LeSalon’s most popular treatments are in fact gel manicures and classic mani-pedis. A gel manicure is great as it can last up to two weeks chip free and what’s more, it gives a super glossy finish, and who doesn’t want that? However, you can’t go wrong with a classic mani-pedi with a ninety minute treatment including cuticle work, a foot scrub and a massage!

Though LeSalon manicures and pedicures prove to be incredibly popular, their waxes are also a favourite. It’s no surprise- what’s more convenient than being able to get a wax in the comfort of your own home? Another go-to is their eyelash service; the full eyelash extensions set is favoured by most clients. Eyelashes have taken the beauty world by storm, and extensions are a great alternative to falsies, lasting for weeks and giving you an ultra fluttery effect.

 LeSalon men's mani pedi LeSalon men’s mani pedi

What’s more, they also offer a wide range of treatments for men, with the men’s mani pedi taking first place on the popularity list. This service is particularly great as a lot of men often find they don’t enjoy the experience of going to a salon, whether it’s because of embarrassment, inconvenience or just sheer stubbornness- with LeSalon there is not a worry in the world!

If you’d like to try out an at home beauty treatment from LeSalon, they are offering The Restory readers an exclusive 20% off any booking made before the 31st of  October 2018, with the code ‘RESTORY20’. Please visit