If You Could Turn Back Time

Livia Firth’s ethical fashion Instagram campaign #30wears showcases items from her wardrobe that are on track to have their own autobiography! Every piece has a story or has bee refashioned as an update. Whilst fun fast paced fashion will always serve us, we have moved towards the most loved and best-enjoyed pieces. We have often heard friends lament “If only I’d bought two-“, referring to their accessories that have served as a mainstay but are now looking “well loved”. Then there will always be the not so successful purchases that sit in the back of the wardrobe waiting in turn, dormant and the ones that are past season so become stashed away until they come around to headline the fashion pages again. Much like the Marie Kondo mantra: ask yourself “does it spark joy?” Refashioning could be the answer.

This summer our fashion magazines are having a Schiaparelli meltdown! Yes to giant Lobster embellished swimsuits and coral covered espadrilles as seen in the FT, How to Spend it supplement. Handbags feature embroidered Margarita’s, sequined ice cream cones and rhinestone-embellished flowers. Motifs are everywhere like a serial Emoji user. The Dolce & Gabbana Lucia shoulder bag is described, as “bejewelled” not “over-dressed”. Busy is best!

If you want a bag-refashioning binge, The Restory’s bespoke service enables the client to collaborate by sharing ideas and sourcing options to select a tailored design solution. Embroidered applique’s can be added, with sequined ice cream cones included. It is possible to add unique leather tags, tassels or pompoms in place of the standard zip pull. Bag handles can be customised, like the luggage style straps seen at Fendi: rhinestone-embellished flowers are the favourite here too. The same can be transforming for shoes; fringing, tassels, fur or velvet bows. A removable clip-on style can be wise.

For the Scandi’ minimalist, the silhouette can be your defining ruler. To create a bespoke graphic look to your bag you could have it re-edged in a contrasting colour. Or replace the zip with a dazzling coloured one. For all of you who have exhausted your open back Gucci loafers because they are phenomenal in every way, refresh the insole sock with something zingy so it catches a second glance when your feet nonchalantly flip. There is a library of colours to choose from.

Fast-forward to full re-colouring with patterns or contrasting panels in different colours. Think sports luxe like the Balenciaga Bazar striped shopper or the contrasting colourful panels on the Celine Cabas. And have you seen the new Celine painted python bags? The Restory can actually do this for you. Give your python bag a new skin by painting specific parts of the bag or you can go Mexicana with your designs; add colour, patterns, logos or initials. We are embracing everything colour!

We see some of the best-loved pieces that The Restory receives regularly with results that are jaw-dropping impressive. The Chanel 2.55 is a consistent regular, with the most recent receiving a full colour maker-over from tarnished white leather to a transformed solid black with a supple new appearance. Having the power to rewrite the destiny of a Chanel bag can be thrilling!