Fix Your Fall

As we transition into the new season, there’s optimism for the opportunities ahead. Our summer series was to inspire you to Renew Your Normal. We shared practical guides and tips to create new positive habits to care for yourself, others around you and your wardrobe. It’s now time to bring those into this new season and Fix Your Fall.

According to a WRAP report, studies show that in the UK we have 1.7 billion unused items in our wardrobes. Get your fashion fix with The Restory this year and fall back in love with one of your favourites. Instead of looking for new this season, why not revive, repair or reimagine existing items from your wardrobe. We all have our autumn and winter staples, from our favourite boots, that trusted trench coat to your tote that goes with everything. Fix Your Fall is about the impact our positive choices can have when we extend the lifecycle of our items.

We’re kicking off this new series with 10 Ways To Protect Your Items When Storing Them Away – a guide you need when packing away your summer wardrobe. If you’re looking for expert care to restore or repair just book a collection today direct from your home. You’ll thank yourself next summer if your bag and shoes are repaired and ready to be used!

Are You Autumn Ready?

1. Avoid Collapsing And Creasing

Avoid creasing and collapsing your bags simply by stuffing them. We recommend using an old towel or a small cushion. If your bag is creased or collapses we can restructure it for you. If you’d like to learn more read this Case Study showing the process of restructuring a Prada bag.

Keep Your Bags In A Dust Bag To Protect It

2. Keep Shoes And Bags In Dust Bags

It is simple and effective. By storing your bags and shoes in dust bags you’ll keep them protected from dirt and dust.

3. Patent Is Delicate

Many assume that patent is durable, however, it is more susceptible to colour transfer than untreated leather. Keep your patent shoes in a dustbag and don’t store with others.

4. Avoid Colour Transfer

Keep your nude, white or pale shoes and bags away from darker colour items. If stored next to each its likely the darker items will mark the lighter ones with colour transfer causing stains. If this happens you’ll need to send them in for colour restoration where our artisans will hand mix and match the colour to paint over in fine layers.

5. Brushing Suede

We recommend gently brushing your suede items with a nail brush before storing. This will lift and remove any surface dirt and dust so they are ready to use next season.

Brush your suede bag with a nail brush to clean the nap
Use A Nail Brush To Remove Surface Dirt

6. Avoid Storing Near Artificial Heat Sources

Avoid storing your items near any artificial heat such as a radiator. This will dry out the leather and likely crack and damage it.

7. Mould And Mildew

If your shoes and bags are at all damp or wet do not store them away. Stuff them with an old towel and leave them to dry naturally to avoid mildew and mould. We do provide special cleaning for mould if you require it for your items, we use specialist products to remove it without damaging the leather.

8. Condition

Leather is a skin and we recommend cleaning and conditioning it to keep it in supple condition, increasing its longevity. Do not do this to nubuck or suede or veg leather.

9. Remove And Prevent Odours

If you’d like to remove or prevent odours in your trainers and shoes. Simply put a tea-bag of your choice in the sole before storing it away.

10. Worn, Damaged Or In Need Of Repair?

Its the perfect time to send in your worn and tired summer favourites for aftercare. We can provide services from special cleaning, re-heeling to colour leather restoration. We’ll also package up your items beautifully ready to be securely stored away. You’ll thank yourself when you’re ready to use them again next summer on your upcoming holiday. Simply Book A Collection from your front door, our courier partners are providing a non-contact service.

We hope you have enjoyed our series #RenewYourNormal this summer where we’ve shared guides to care for yourself, others around you and your wardrobe this summer. If you’d like to catch up on it, read 10 Ways To Create New Habits That Last by psychologist Suzy Reading, alongside our guide for Baskets, Trainers, Suede Bags and Birkenstocks.