10 Ways To Look After Your Items From Home

Spring at The Restory

It goes without saying that all of us are stuck at home right now navigating the current state of the world and new ways of working and creating. We hope you and your families are safe and comfortable but also that you can use this opportunity to get those things done that you never got around to doing.

1. Use an old toothbrush to clean the sole of your trainers. Dip it in soapy water and this will allow you to get deep into the sole markings. 
2. For suede shoes or bags, we recommend using a rubber brush specifically made for suede. This will not only help remove the dust and build up that suede typically attracts but it will also revive the nap. 

Using a soft toothbrush on velvet and suede is a great way to remove everyday dust and dirt

3. Condition your leather items with an appropriate leather cream  to keep the leather nourished and moisturised. (They need it as much as we do!) Make sure you buff the leather with a soft cloth after conditioning. Do not use on veg leather, suede or nubuck, if in doubt get in touch with service@the-restory.com
4.  Put tea bags (any kind will do) inside your shoes to eliminate any lingering odours when storing them away.
5. Use shoe trees to preserve the shape of your shoes to ensure they don’t get squashed at the bottom of the wardrobe.
6. Polish any hardware on your bags with a dry cloth to keep the shine as much as possible.
7. Avoid using baby wipes to clean your leather shoes and bags at all costs as this can do more harm than good. Try a damp cloth or specialist cleaner suited to the material. 

Avoiding baby wipes; use a damp cloth instead.

8. Put a small towel or pillow in your bags when they aren’t in use. This will prevent them from folding and creasing which is difficult to rectify.
9. Keep your bags in their dust bags if possible, this will keep them dust free and avoid any potential scratches on hardware or any possible colour transfer from other items.
10. Your shoe laces, particularly trainers, attract lots of dirt and dust that isn’t as simple to wipe off. Remove them and leave to soak in soapy water. If white, add a little stain remover. Be sure to iron out the creases once they’ve been in the wash. 

Before soaking laces in soapy water

After laces washed and ironed

Our atelier is now open and operating with safety measures in place. If your items need an expert, book a collection today anywhere in the world. Upon arrival in our atelier we will send you confirmation of receipt with images of your item. Following a physical assessment we’ll create a bespoke quote emailed to you. Your quote is broken down by service and editable so you can decide which services you would like to go ahead with.