10 ways to fall in love with your favourites again

10 ways to fall in love with your shoes and bags

Here at The Restory, we want to encourage you to look at the things you already own, the ones that are right at the back of the wardrobe that have been untouched and unworn for some time, and inspire you to get more out of them so they can be loved for longer.

  1. Revive the original colour & restore the worn corners of your bag
  2. Nourish and condition the leather for a new lease of life
  3. Add decorative studs; vintage, modern, retro the choice is yours
  4. Refresh stained and torn lining with new in the colour and material of your choice 
  5. Lengthen your bag strap, shorten it or change it entirely
  6. Take ownership: personalise your leather accessories
  7. Replace shoelaces with a fresh pair; match the original or try something new – bold and bright or fun and sparkly
  8. Change the colour, it’ll almost be like having a brand new item
  9. Fix those shoes at the back of your wardrobe with a reheel and a resole, the perfect way to extend their life
  10. Get creative and bring bespoke designs to life to create your dream item

From standard shoe repairs, leather and colour restoration, to finding creative ways to salvage a dog chewed suitcase, our expert team of artisans have a plethora of skills to ensure your items are restored and back in working order to avoid simply throwing your items away.

No matter the colour of your item, our artisans will hand mix the colour to ensure the result of a restoration is invisible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a PRELIMINARY QUOTE for the team to make an initial assessment.