10 Ways To Care For Your Trainers

If your go-to during lockdown has been trainers then now is the perfect time to show them some love. The trend that isn’t going anywhere means many of us do own a selection of trainers from the simple white leather or canvas to the complex Triple S Balenciaga.

With our wide-ranging capabilities and variety of experts in our atelier, we have created our series ‘Renew Your Normal’ and invite you to learn how to care for your summer staples and increase their longevity. Join us and tag The Restory and #RenewYourNormal with the positive changes and approaches you’re bringing into your life.

Brush suede gently with a clean and dry nailbrush or a suede brush

1. Cleaning The Laces

Remove the laces and clean these. If they are white put them in a bowl of soapy water and put in some stain remover to soak. Put these in the washing machine and the trick is to iron once dry before them before lacing them back through – this makes them look fresh. 

2. The Sole

Clean the sole – it makes all the difference. Use a toothbrush and a bowl of warm water with some soap. Be gentle and do not get the upper of the trainer wet. 

Brush gently with a clean and dry nailbrush

3. Suede Upper

Suede uppers or detailing – do not get this wet. It’s will cause a water stain and leave a halo effect around the mark, which can be irreversible. Instead, use a soft dry brush to remove the dust and dirt. A toothbrush or a nailbrush works well.

4. Worn Suede

Be gentle on the suede nap, if the suede is uneven and there are longer parts you can carefully use scissors to trim this, but do not overdo it otherwise the suede will go bald.

5. Veg Leather

Veg Leather – this leather is completely open. It does not have any coating, it is dyed with natural techniques and it will naturally change colour over time creating a patina look. It will absorb liquids so do not apply any water, instead use a leather cream to condition. Apply a pea-sized portion of cream with a cloth spreading evenly over the whole panel and not rubbing one area for longer than a few seconds. The cream will help remove dirt from your trainers, buff with a clean cloth afterwards. 

6. Leather Upper

For smooth leather with a finish, such as white trainers, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away marks and dirt. Make sure it is not wet as this will be absorbed and can damage the leather. Clean into and around the holes for the laces as its likely dirt collects here

7. In-Soles

If the insoles can be removed, take these out and wipe down. If these are damaged we are able to replace them for you.  

8. Complex Multi-Material Trainers

For multi-material trainers such as the Balenciaga Triple S, we recommend sending it to the experts. Each material can require a different approach and if there is something like suede which is colourfast you may cause more damage than good.

9. Scuffed and Scratches

If the area you are wiping or brushing has faded with colour, be careful you don’t cause more damage. It may require new dye or colour restoration, which needs an expert. If you want to check you can send some pictures within our preliminary quote form for our team to assess. 

10. Spray and Protect

Once clean, make sure they are protected. For suede or nubuck apply a waterproof spray, make sure you do this at a distance to avoid watermarks. For leather apply a small pea-sized amount of appropriate leather cream – a little goes a long way. Then buff with a clean cloth. Do not use this for suede or nubuck. 

If your Trainers need an expert, book a collection today. Upon arrival within our atelier, we will physically assess your item and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your approval. Get inspired and follow some of our case studies with the restoration of these Loro Piano Trainers, or the repair of this Valentino Tote.

Follow along with our series this summer and learn from our experts, practical guides and tools to empower you with the conscious changes you can make. Starting with 10 Ways To Create Habits That Last by Chartered Psychologist Suzy Reading. Get inspired learning to care for yourself, others around you, and your wardrobe with Renew Your Normal. Refer Your Friends and earn credit for each referral which you can use across any of our services.

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