10 Ways To Care For Your Birkenstocks

Birkenstock can trace its roots back to 1774. What started as the reliable sandal, now comes in an array of styles and materials. Whether you invested in the sheepskin, have a trusty leather pair or have your loved suede, learn how to take care and look after your sandals.

With our wide-ranging capabilities and variety of experts in our atelier, we have created our series ‘Renew Your Normal’ and invite you to learn how to care for your summer staples and increase their longevity. Join us and tag The Restory and #RenewYourNormal with the positive changes and approaches you’re bringing into your life.

Our artisans can provide colour and leather restoration to tired and worn sandals.

1. Cleaning The Sole

Birkenstock soles are made of cork which is a porous material. Be gentle when cleaning using a damp cloth or soft brush it and ensure it doesn’t get wet.

2. Be Careful With Suede Upper

If the upper is made out of suede don’t get it wet as it’s likely to cause a water stain and a halo effect around the mark. Instead, use a soft dry brush to remove the dust and dirt. A toothbrush or a nailbrush works well.

3. Sheepskin Upper

For sheepskin upper use a pet brush or nail brush to gently comb it so that the fur doesn’t lose its texture and softness

Brush gently with a clean and dry nailbrush

4. Leather Upper

If the upper is leather you can use a damp cloth to wipe away marks and dirt. Make sure it is not wet as this will be absorbed and can damage the leather.

5. Nourishing and Protecting

Once clean, make sure they are protected. For suede or nubuck apply a waterproof spray, make sure you do this at a distance to avoid watermarks. For leather (not veg) apply a small pea-sized amount of appropriate leather cream – a little goes a long way. Then buff it with a clean soft cloth. Do not use this for suede or nubuck. 

6. Removing Odours

For odour removal leave them out in the sun and stuff your Birkenstocks with teabags while they are stored away.

7. Replacing Soles and In-Soles

If the soles or insoles are worn out our broken they can be replaced by an expert.

8. Broken Straps And Toe Thongs

In the case of the toe thong snapping off, they can be replaced in our atelier, our team will source the leather and replace it by hand.

9. Tired Or Damaged Buckles

Buckles are always a pressure point on Birkenstocks. If they get damaged we can source original ones or a new unique style.

10. Time for a change?

Can’t find your ideal Birkenstock design? Send us your ideas and we can design a unique piece and re-design it for you!

If your Birkenstocks need an expert, book a collection today. Upon arrival within our atelier, we will physically assess your item and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your approval. Get inspired and follow some of our case studies with the restoration of the classic Chanel Ballet Pumps, the reimagine of this Chloe Jacket or the revival of these Tod’s Loafers.

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