10 Ways To Care For Your Basket

A summer basket is something to treasure forever. Whether you have an array of styles in your wardrobe or rely on your one trusted oversized wicker favourite, do you know how to care for them? With our wide-ranging capabilities and variety of experts in our atelier, we have created our guides this summer to learn how to care for your summer staples and increase their longevity.

Alongside external experts, we invite you join our series #RenewYourNormal this summer where we’ll sharing guides to care for yourself, others around you and your wardrobe this summer. Join us and tag The Restory and #RenewYourNormal with the positive changes and approaches you’re bringing into your life. 

Basket bags can be made from rattan, reed, straw, palm leaf or many other plants. Here are some of our tips and tricks to help make your basket last;

1. Gently Brush

A soft toothbrush or a nailbrush is perfect to use on wicker or straw and remove any dry dirt or dust. Be gentle!

2. Use A Damp Cloth To Clean

If there are some marks you can’t get out use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt. Make sure it’s not wet, as you don’t want to damage it. Make sure your bag is completely dry before storing it away.

3. Storage

Avoid storing your basket near artificial heat or in direct sunlight as this is likely to make it more brittle and can cause burn marks.

4. Weak Handles

If you overfill your basket and the weight is too much for it to withstand you can start to tear the basket and snap the weaves. When this happens we’ll need to source a match to the wicker or straw and reweave it together. Send it in before this happens so that we can reinforce the pressured area and the handles.

5. Nourishing and Protecting Leather

If your basket has leather straps or detailing, ensure you condition these areas to help keep them strong. Apply a small pea-sized amount of appropriate leather cream – a little goes a long way. Then buff with a clean cloth. Do not use this for suede or nubuck, only on smooth or grainy leather.

Apply An Appropriate Leather Cream With A Clean Cloth and Buff Afterwards
Use An Appropriate Leather Cream To Nourish The Leather Handles

6. Protect with Dustbags

Keep your baskets stored in a dustbag, this will prevent dust and dirt getting into the grooves and is a good way to protect it.

7. Re-Shape

If it is a soft basket and has lost its shape you can steam it gently with a steamer but do not let it get wet. This will make it more malleable to put it back into shape. You will need to hold it in place until it has cooled. Make sure it has completely dry and then stuff it with an old towel to help re-shaping it and prevent this from happening again.

Keep Your Bags Stuffed With An Old Towel Or Packaging
Keep Your Bags Stuffed With An Old Towel Or Packaging

8. Keep Suncream, Pens & Make-Up in Sealed Bags

Keep your suncream, make-up, and pens in sealed bags and avoid having them loose in your bag. Not only will they be easier to find but less likely to cause irreversible damage. Ink and pigmented oily stains are two of the most common types of damage on bag linings and the hardest to remove.

9. Avoid Damp & Humidity

Keep your basket away from humidity, it is likely to get mouldy and may cause further damage.

10. Time for a change?

Read about our case study where we redesigned an over the shoulder basket into a backpack. Our team can create new handles, create or replace a lining, add a fastening and so much more. If you’d like to get creative with your basket, get in touch today and we can create designs for you or bring your ideas to life.

If your basket needs an expert, book a collection today. Upon arrival within our atelier, we will physically assess your item and provide you with a comprehensive quote for your approval. Get inspired and read Reimagine Of A Basket or the revivial of the Chanel Denim and Wicker Basket within our case studies. 

Follow along with our series this summer and learn from our experts, practical guides and tools to empower you with the conscious changes you can make. Get inspired learning to care for yourself, others around you, and your wardrobe with Renew Your Normal.

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