10 Things You Didn’t Know We Could Do

Our London based atelier is bustling with artisans who are experts in their craft from shoemaking, millinery, colour theory, handbag making, embroidery and much more. The variety of these skills has built up our A-Team to provide restoration magic and help you fall in love with your favourites all over again. With continued research and development, we provide new and improved techniques for some of the challenges we face so we always have a solution for you. Here are some of the things you may not know we could offer that could inspire your next repair.

1. Pony Skin Restoration

No pony hair necessary. Most pony skin items will naturally shed over time through wear and areas most affected will begin to bald. Our expert team use a specialised technique to mimic the texture of the hairs continuing the original pattern of the item. Read more about it and see the results in our Case Study on these Ferragamo’s.

Pony skin restoration
Pony skin restoration

2. Recover heels

Heels caught in a grate and taken off the material along with a hint of your dignity? Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us, and we have a solution for it! We’ll source a new piece of material be it suede, satin or leather in the closest possible match of colour and finish to the original. Our team then remove the heel and replace the material, finishing it off with a new heel tip. Perfect for reviving a tired pair of heels.

Before Heel Recover Service
Scuffed and faded heel stems
New satin sourced to recover the heel stems

3. Binding replacement

Most commonly seen on, but not limited to, the faithful Louis Vuitton Neverfull. With items endlessly going in and out of our bags, the exteriors get quite a lot of contact which is susceptible to damage. This top binding wears away and can often crack and make the bag look tired. Our team will source a new piece of leather matching the original colour and texture, skive it down and replace it entirely.

Before restoration
Stitching the new binding into place

4. Stud replacement

Sometimes, without any real reason, the little embellishments that brighten up some of our shoes seem to live a life of their own and fall out of place. We’ll source a closest possible match in size, shape and colour to fit them back into place so that you can love them for longer.

Valentino stud replacements

5. Exotic care

We have an in-house exotic expert who knows just the solution to bring back the shine of your croc item. Like cows leather, exotic skins need regular maintenance and upkeep, along with a delicate hand. Our team have an in-depth knowledge of various leathers, to ensure the services and techniques are appropriate.

Exotic care and repair

6. Metallic restoration

For any item that requires a colour restoration, the paint is mixed by hand by a member of our in-house team to ensure the perfect colour match for the item. This is the same process for metallic items as a mixture of pigments are perfectly proportioned and combined to create that metallic glisten. Metallic items will naturally wear faster as the metallic finish is painted onto the leather during the production process, as opposed to it being a part of the tanning process. We seal the metallic with a finisher to protect it and increase longevity.

Gold metallic restoration

7. Lining replacement

When the lining of your bag is torn, stained or damaged beyond repair, we can replace it. Our expert team will remove the original lining and cut out the exact pattern aligning any pockets and compartments in a new fabric and colour of your choice, or we can match the original, and stitch it back into place.

Preparing the new lining

8. Personalisation

If you’re looking for something more personalised, then consider hand-painted initials for you or the perfect gift for your loved one. Get creative with the colour, size and font, and we will make it happen.

9. Piping repair

The corners of our bags undoubtedly see most wear and tear. We regularly receive bags where the wiring that makes up the piping is peaking through the leather where holes have begun to form. We have a unique technique to restore or replace piping and bring the bag back to its former glory as seen on this much loved Gucci Soho Disco.

Worn piping exposing the corners
Restored and revived
Restored and revived

10. Handle remake

When the handles start to wear thin, stretch or break, there is a tendency to keep them at the back of the wardrobe and not use them again. When they get this way if not before, we encourage you to send them to us for repair. We can remake your handles and straps in new leather, or you can opt for something different and change the design as you wish. This service is a great way to get more love out of your bag with the strength of a new strap.  

New handles in progress