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Moth Hole Repair

From scarves to sweaters and dresses to coats, we turn to woollens to keep us warm as the seasons get cold. However, tears, pulls or moth holes can deem your favourite knits unwearable. Learn how our visible mending technique brings your clothes back to life.

Damaged Dancing Shoes

When you find a pair of shoes that are perfect for every occasion, giving them up is never an option. Livia Firth's silver Roger Vivier sandals accompanied her on her most special occasions. Learn how our artisans brought them back to life.

Hermès Birkin Restoration

A handbag as iconic and symbolic as the Birkin will no doubt see a lot of love and wear through its life. See how the team extended the life of this zesty orange Birkin by creating leather reinforcements to strengthen the front and back panels and a colour revival.

Restructuring A Sombrero Bag

With time and wear, leather naturally softens and begins to lose original rigidity. Restructuring your bag brings back its original shape.

The Evolution of Chanel

The joy of luxury is the value it holds to you. We worked with the owner of an heirloom Chanel to renew the bag while keeping the original charm.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Repair: From Worn to Wonderful

When you love an item, it deserves to be worn - we're here to help when it starts to look a bit too worn. Learn more about Chanel bag repair.

Restoring A Dior Flower Meadow

This limited edition Lady Dior bag had lost some beads and sequins over time. Learn how our atelier restored this beautiful beaded flower meadow.

The Matelassé Way

Give Miu Miu's iconic designs the love they deserve. Improve the longevity of your bag with colour and leather restoration.

The Technicolour Dream Chanel

Leila Van Kash's Chanel bag was faded and patchy. She brought it to The Restory for a reimagine in the form of a technicolour tie-dye transformation!

Jimmy Choo Hole Restoration

Follow the repair process as our atelier restores a hole in a pair of Jimmy Choo snakeskin trainers.

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Love your wardrobe on Black Friday

Thoughtful purchasing, prioritising quality and taking care of your wardrobe is the best way to get the most out of it. From storing and steaming to careful cleaning, we gather our experts top tips on how to look after your favourite items.

The Restory x Patrick McDowell at London Fashion Week

From materials to look for, to setting alerts on what you want, explore our expert advice on how to shop second-hand.

How to Shop Second Hand

From materials to look for, to setting alerts on what you want, explore our expert advice on how to shop second-hand.

Second Chance September

Sometimes, second-hand items need a little love to make them right for you. Explore some of our favourite services for second hand purchases.

Wedding Season Repairs

Whether you have been a bride, groom, or guest this wedding season, we revive loved items to take care of all of your wedding outfit repairs.

Celebrating Earth Day 2022

We know about investing in the things that are important to you. To celebrate Earth Day 2022, our team share their favourite items.

Mend My Manolos

From reheels and toe pieces to dyeing and restoration, return your well-loved Manolos to their best and make sure they stay in your wardrobe for longer.

Repair your jeans

Worn your favourite pair of jeans to death? With our expert atelier and range of services, you can now repair them rather than replace them.

Launching Clothing Repair

With a wide range of services, from simple hemming and button reattachments to advanced alterations and resizing, we are excited to now offer clothing repair!

A Bag’s Journey

Does your luggage needs to be dusted off before it gets back on the road? First stop: The Restory.


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“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Restory, a business who understands the value of artisanry and craftsmanship and who is passionate about bringing well-loved pieces back to life”

Manolo Blahnik

“So incredibly happy with the service! You have given a beaten up pre-loved Chanel a new life and given me so much confidence in buying pre-loved again!”


“Buying better and letting The Restory make pieces last not only makes financial sense, it also helps safeguard the health of our planet.”


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“I thought my boots were beyond repair, but you did a great job on them and my old favourites now have a second wind. Thank you!”


“It felt as though I had bought three new items to enjoy all over again. I gleaned a great deal of pleasure from unpacking the pieces that I knew I would love as I’d loved them before”


“Partnering with The Restory is the best way to offer our customers the ultimate in lifelong luxury by ensuring their pieces stay in beautiful condition, for longer”


“Can’t put into words how delighted I was with every aspect of your service and the finished product.”


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